Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Shout Outs for Today

So in graphic design school they tell you to look at other artists' work as much as possible, this will help you draw inspiration and ideas into the libraries of your mind so that you can come up with new innovative concepts and ideas. I believe the same is true of any medium. This is the sole reason I will be sad to leave my desk job: (in exactly 5 days...No I'm not counting) I will no longer have hours at hand each day to spend perusing the world wide web looking at other photographers' work.

But as it stands I do have the time so I'd like to recognize two pretty cool folks. The first one is my dear friend and colleague Belton Chappell. He gets to take all the credit for the above shot of yours truly (totally weird being on the other side of the camera, but kinda fun to be able to sit back and watch while somebody else moves all that equipment around). It was cool to hang out and shoot with him again since I haven't really seen much of him since he returned from LA. I admire his ability to make an ordinary location into this intriguing atmosphere (ie: this was shot on the backside of a shopping center...Does it look like it? Didn't think so.)

The second person I'd like to give a shout out to is Myles Edwin. I don't even know if Myles knows who I am, but we have been MySpace friends for a long time and by golly, in this day and age that really means something. Haha, in the rare case that I find myself perusing MySpace I always seem to stumble across this dude's page, and I think his vision is pretty cool. Amazing what you can do with one light or even just a lamp. It makes me realize how much I need to quit perusing the B&H Catalog for more equipment and get out there and experiment.

All this inspiration might just be too much for me to handle in one day. I've got film stills on the brain. It's high time I produced another series, and this time I want to do something that would make Cindy Sherman proud.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Sasha and I had a great time at the river, probably one of my favorite and most dangerous locations to shoot. Slippery rocks+camera=bad news! But we made it out in one piece and got some great shots in the process.

The Art of Self Branding

Welcome everyone to my blog! I'm excited to finally have a place to share my creative ventures with the world wide web. After several years in the photography biz assisting and working with all types of wonderful photogs across the southeast, I think it's hight time I started making my own way! Now before I can start all that, I must begin the process of branding myself: creating a logo and all that good stuff. As a graphic design student, I find these things fun, however creating something for myself is totally daunting! For once I am not bound by the constraints of an assignment; I can do whatever I want! I have no idea where to begin! So in the American spirit of getting things for free whenever possible, I wiped out the paint sample section of Home Depot for some inspiration. Special thanks goes to the paint guy who didn't kick me out of the store even though I took almost every color.

Happy reading/looking everyone!