Sunday, August 10, 2008

Chris and Jessica Engagement Party

I can't believe I have friends who are getting married! I'm getting so old haha! Tonight I had the pleasure of photographing my fellow swim team mate and yearbook staffer from high school's engagement party. Her friend Taylor put on an absolutely beautiful shindig and the weather was awesome, who could ask for more?
The lovely hostess Taylor and her BF Sean.

The happy couple; Jessica and Chris!

I really want one of those lounge chairs like they are seated in here. Now all I need is a pool!

A little over a year to go! Get ready for September 2009!

The cake was adorable.

Gotta get the bling shot!

In other news, I have finally moved to Athens! But fear not Atlantans, Knoxvillians and others. I'm still available for travel wherever, in fact I love traveling, so don't be afraid to drop me a line!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

My friend Caitlyn is auditioning for a Dance minor at UGA, she needed some pictures to go with her application. It was extremely hot that day, but we worked through the conditions to get some stuff for her:

This reminds me of tree pose in Yoga haha, and it's with a tree, how appropriate!

Look at those eyes! Gorgeous!

I often wish I were a ballerina.
Ballet in "street wear" haha.

Next Jordan and I headed to Alabama for the World's Longest Garage Sale. An interesting experience for sure. Plenty of glassware to be had, and plenty of fried food for the stomach.

Jordan with his first purchase, a set of green glasses, of which we saw a million more throughout our journey.
You know you're in Alabama when there's fried Oreos.

Us in Chattanooga at the River.
Our hotel room was an old train car!
I thought the ceiling in the lobby was cool.
Us again, don't you love boring vacation photos?
The hotel.Jordan waiting on the "train" haha.

So, to sum it up, it's been a busy end of summer. I'm excited about starting at UGA this fall and can't wait to see what is in store for me there. Finally back to normal college life! I'm really hoping that despite all the craziness that is school, I can still keep putting out work, and hopefully find some time and inspiration for some personal work that has been brewing in my head for the better part of a year. I'll keep everyone posted!

End of Summer

Finally quit the desk job! Couldn't be happier. I've been super busy, but this time around it's been fun busy. Here are some recent snapshots and stuff from photo shoots.

I've been second shooting for the always wonderful Brenda Upton.

She has been nice enough to allow me to add the images I take at her weddings for self-promotional purposes, and I'm very grateful for her being so kind! Here are just a few shots from some weddings this summer:

1st up is Brandon and Erin. Super cute couple and of course yay for redheads!

Then Chris and Jenna. Beautifully done wedding up in the North Georgia Mountains.

I will post more wedding shots later!

Here's some other stuff that's happened recently:

My Pi Phi friends from Tennessee came down for a girl's weekend in Atlanta. Tax free weekend shopping=awesome!

Ikea was of course a huge highlight of the trip for everyone, definitely overwhelming for those who have never been.

I personally thoroughly enjoy the food at Ikea Cafeteria. I'm convinced there's no better chicken fingers in all of Atlanta, haha.

Jordan and I hit up Lakewood 400 Antique Market:

And he hit up the concession stand haha.