Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Art of Self Branding

Welcome everyone to my blog! I'm excited to finally have a place to share my creative ventures with the world wide web. After several years in the photography biz assisting and working with all types of wonderful photogs across the southeast, I think it's hight time I started making my own way! Now before I can start all that, I must begin the process of branding myself: creating a logo and all that good stuff. As a graphic design student, I find these things fun, however creating something for myself is totally daunting! For once I am not bound by the constraints of an assignment; I can do whatever I want! I have no idea where to begin! So in the American spirit of getting things for free whenever possible, I wiped out the paint sample section of Home Depot for some inspiration. Special thanks goes to the paint guy who didn't kick me out of the store even though I took almost every color.

Happy reading/looking everyone!


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