Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Valerie & Paul

This past weekend I had the pleasure of shooting Paul Amodio's wedding. Since he himself is a photographer, he went all out and got three separate photographers! The wedding at reception were held at Maggiano's, which gets an A+ for food! Here are a few of my fave shots of the day.

I was really into that hallway as you can tell.

I took Valerie and Paul out into the main dining room for a few shots, you know, just having a casual lunch in wedding attire...the usual.

First dance

A little bit of sibling love.

And some Soulja Boy to top the afternoon off.


Noemi said...

hey angie this is noemi!
i just wanted to say that i really dig your style!
question: are you still using Nikon?

Suburbanite said...

i am! i have the d300 now which is an awesome camera imo!